Started the Long Term Pending Web Project

Started the Long Term Pending Web Project using PHP & MySQL .

My first  PHP project from scratch . Interesting but annoying at times due to the difference  between MSSQL & MySQL syntaxes.

Using WAMP Server ( Apache / My SQL / PHP )

Net Beans IDE for PHP Coding

My SQL Workbench & PHPMyAdmin for MySQL Coding / Administration . And Google for sample scripts 🙂

Good thing which PHP so far is . Most of the tools are free and there are plenty of code snippets which can be tweaked to serve my purpose.

Managed to set-up and configure the servers / environments , set-up database and data , extract & display from database into webpages.

Still Long way to go – Social Media Integration ,  Data Input / Report Pages etc..etc..

Aah.. About the project..Ssshh. .It’s a secret. Hope I will not stop doing this until completion .  🙂

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