Had my longest Recorded Outdoor Run so far

6 Kms . 575 kCal . Manage to eat a samosa & a spring roll as bonus for the running

Used Runtastic to record the workout . Interesting App. Managed to stay under the allowed calories today too .. But had to sacrifice my friday Drinks . 🙁



Got some good tips for running from Anand. The no longer amateur runner friend . He is my main motivation for planning to take up running.

Bombay Bad Boy


Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle for lunch.   389 kcal.

Need to do some work out  if I need to have a good Friday evening drinks and meals.

Fight against hunger. I hope it will be just for the initial few days. Now I understand how much more I was eating than needed.

Tracking everything that goes in does make a difference.

Cheap hosting with mysql stored procedures

Was looking for a cheap or free hosting for my new project.

Found a free php / mysql hosting service – 000webhost.Com

Quite handy. Setup the database migrated tables and data. But realised there’s no support for stored procedures which is a must for me.

Then the hunt continued. I think I have got a reasonable solution with stored procedure support . HOSTGATOR

Going to purchase it tonight.