Had my longest Recorded Outdoor Run so far

6 Kms . 575 kCal . Manage to eat a samosa & a spring roll as bonus for the running

Used Runtastic to record the workout . Interesting App. Managed to stay under the allowed calories today too .. But had to sacrifice my friday Drinks . 🙁



Got some good tips for running from Anand. The no longer amateur runner friend . He is my main motivation for planning to take up running.

Bombay Bad Boy


Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle for lunch.   389 kcal.

Need to do some work out  if I need to have a good Friday evening drinks and meals.

Fight against hunger. I hope it will be just for the initial few days. Now I understand how much more I was eating than needed.

Tracking everything that goes in does make a difference.

Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Must Watch

Last night’s bedtime watch was Michael Mosley and team’s Health Documentary..

I am a big fan of Michael Mosley. Brilliant presenter.


The following link shows different issues covered in the programme.

Shows the steps to perform in different situations like if someone is choking / drowning / performing cpr etc. Everyone should see this. It could save the life of your dear ones.



Trust Me I’m A Doctor Epidode 1 on Youtube  

Trust Me I’m A Doctor Episode 2 on Youtube  

Had my Flu Jab today

Hope I will be protected for an year. Main reason for me to take is to protect my young children to get one from me and also not to get flu and be off from work. As a contractor every day off from work really hurts.


Anyone can get a flu jab from any pharmacy for as low as £10. Many employers provide them as free like mine.

More information from NHS below.