Started the Long Term Pending Web Project

Started the Long Term Pending Web Project using PHP & MySQL .

My first  PHP project from scratch . Interesting but annoying at times due to the difference  between MSSQL & MySQL syntaxes.

Using WAMP Server ( Apache / My SQL / PHP )

Net Beans IDE for PHP Coding

My SQL Workbench & PHPMyAdmin for MySQL Coding / Administration . And Google for sample scripts 🙂

Good thing which PHP so far is . Most of the tools are free and there are plenty of code snippets which can be tweaked to serve my purpose.

Managed to set-up and configure the servers / environments , set-up database and data , extract & display from database into webpages.

Still Long way to go – Social Media Integration ,  Data Input / Report Pages etc..etc..

Aah.. About the project..Ssshh. .It’s a secret. Hope I will not stop doing this until completion .  🙂

Cricket Indoor Net Practice with Bowling Machine

Went for two hours of indoor cricket batting practice with bowling machine at the new facility in Derby. They have a deal currently 2 hours for £20 which is brilliant. The Bowling machine they had can bowl up to 99mph. I tried up to 70mph today. Optional outswinging and inswinging too. Didn’t try the spin options the machine supports.

Overall a good workout too.. Not as much as badminton though.

Play Straight Cricket Derby is just off pentagon island and they have four lanes . 3 of which can be used with a bowling machine and the fourth one with bowling machine and/ or with a bowler.

There are automatic feeders as well. You can turn up for net practice just by yourself if you wish.

Bowling machine make is Bola. More information about the machine is here

Bola Bowling Machine


Setup and operation of the bowling machine video from YouTube is here

Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Must Watch

Last night’s bedtime watch was Michael Mosley and team’s Health Documentary..

I am a big fan of Michael Mosley. Brilliant presenter.


The following link shows different issues covered in the programme.

Shows the steps to perform in different situations like if someone is choking / drowning / performing cpr etc. Everyone should see this. It could save the life of your dear ones.


Trust Me I’m A Doctor Epidode 1 on Youtube  

Trust Me I’m A Doctor Episode 2 on Youtube