Petition to Urge State Bank of Travancore to Come Out of the Catch-22 Situation

Signed a petition today for the Officers who retired from State Bank of Travancore ( SBT ) hand pensions not being paid.  My Dad is one of the officers.
Below is the petition matter


His Excellency The President of India
Urge State Bank of Travancore to Come out of the Catch-22 Situation11 retirees of State Bank of Travancore who had left the Bank’s service under Exit Scheme had filed a case in 2011 against the Bank because they were not extended the benefit of pension.

The Board of Directors of the Bank decided in 2013 to extend pension to Exit Optees, but the executives are denying payment, claiming that the matter is sub judice.

It is sub judice because the Bank had denied pension in the first place. Thus the Bank has created a Catch-22 situation – refusing pension resulting in litigation which is now cited as an excuse to refuse pension.

The moment the Bank starts paying the pension, the raison d’etre of the case ceases to exist because the prayer of the officers in the court gets fulfilled and the relief claimed by them gets granted.

Relying on a whimsical stand and taking law into its hands, this public sector bank is harassing 11 retired officers who had toiled hard for the Bank for over three decades.
Look at it this way: the annual outlay on this would be below Rs 25 lakhs – a minuscule of the amount the Bank writes off as bad loans every year! Vicarious pleasure being derived from a cruel game, what else?

iPad Tutorial – Learn all about using your iPad

This free HD video runs for over 2 hours (jump to specific chapters using the links below) and is intended for iOS 6 iPad users

Very handy for  passing to your parents or who ever is struggling to get used to an iPad.

Chapter List
1. Introduction 00:00:00

2. The iPad Controls 00:01:25

3. Managing The Home Screen 00:03:58
The Status Bar 00:04:14
The Dock 00:04:58
Managing Application Icons 00:05:57
Creating Icon Folders 00:07:08

4. Personalising Your iPad 00:09:20
Changing Your Wallpaper 00:09:29
Customise Your Sounds 00:11:26
Setting a Passcode 00:12:10

5. Home Button & Gestures 00:16:43
Using The MultiTasking Bar 00:18:21
Using MultiTouch Gestures 00:19:08
Closing Applications 00:24:01
Background Apps 00:24:47
Additional Multitasking Bar Controls 00:26:13

6. Installing Applications on Your iPad 00:28:59
Using The App Store 00:29:11
Deleting Third Party Apps 00:37:59
Twitter Integration in iOS5 00:38:44
Installing Facebook Application 00:40:26

7. Searching on your iPad 00:41:11
Configuring Search 00:43:12

8. Notifications on your iPad 00:44:00
Configuring Notifications 00:47:57

9. Using Text and the Keyboard 00:50:34
“.” Shortcut & Auto-Capitalisation 00:51:28
Spelling Corrections 00:52:11
Auto-Corrections 00:52:38
Copy, Cut & Paste 00:54:03
International Characters 00:55:30
Undock & Split Keyboard 00:57:22
Keyboard Shortcuts 00:58:16

10. iCloud and the iPad 01:00:31
Setting Up an iCloud Account 01:02:06
Configuring iCloud 01:04:16

11. Syncing with iTunes 01:05:50
Syncing via a USB Cable 01:06:27
Syncing via Wi-Fi 01:10:26

12. Airplay and Mirroring 01:16:53
Airplay Mirroring on iPad 2 01:19:17

13. Safari Web Browser 01:20:08
Reader 01:23:23
Reading List 01:24:12
Adding Web Icons to Home Page 01:25:09

14. Contacts 01:25:47
Adding a New Contact 01:26:18
Using Contacts 01:30:06

15. Mail 01:33:33
Creating Mailboxes 01:35:14
Reading Emails 01:35:55
Sending Emails 01:37:34
Bulk Move or Delete 01:39:44
Changing Your Email Signature 01:40:09

16. Calendar 01:40:55
Adding An Event 01:42:30
Calendar Views 01:44:55

17. Camera and Photos 01:45:50
Using The Camera 01:46:27
Using The Photos App 01:47:45
Editing Photos 01:48:41
Setting Up Photo Stream 01:50:39

18. Messages 01:53:03

19. Music, Video & iTunes Store 01:54:38
Using iTunes on the iPad 01:55:17
Music Application 01:56:18
Video Application 01:57:52

20. Reminders 01:58:33

21. Newsstand 02:00:10
Game Center 02:03:07

22. Maps 02:05:21

23. PhotoBooth, Facetime and YouTube 02:07:57

24. Wrap Up 02:08:32

Vonage Extensions App

I just downloaded a FREE app from Vonage that lets me make international calls from my Android at the same low rates as my Vonage home calling plan. Now I have the freedom to make calls from anywhere.

Lets me make free calls according to the vonage plan using Wifi / 3G or even Local Access Number which is fantastic

This is the much awaited real Vonage App if you are a subscriber. Lets you extend the Vonage plans to be usable from your mobiles too!

Apps available for Android and iOS.

Some useful features below.

Make high-quality calls over Wi-Fi in areas with poor cellular coverage.
Avoid roaming fees by calling over Wi-Fi when travelling abroad.
Save your cellular minutes by calling over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.
One-touch dialling from within the app, using your address book.
Access your account right from the app to check your Vonage voicemail and set up call forwarding.



Asus T100 64GB Windows Tablet

Planning to get ASUS T100 windows tablet from USA Amazon.

Price including tax to Texas which is going to be my route will be £250. UK market price for the 32 GB is over £250. Realised some states don’t have to pay tax if ordered from Amazon like Illinois. And tax rates are different for different states

Apparently 64GB has got a quad core Atom processor . Cheap for a full version windows tablet including keyboard.

Really looking forward to get this as I don’t get to use the other tablets due to new users taking over.