Vonage Extensions App

I just downloaded a FREE app from Vonage that lets me make international calls from my Android at the same low rates as my Vonage home calling plan. Now I have the freedom to make calls from anywhere.

Lets me make free calls according to the vonage plan using Wifi / 3G or even Local Access Number which is fantastic

This is the much awaited real Vonage App if you are a subscriber. Lets you extend the Vonage plans to be usable from your mobiles too!

Apps available for Android and iOS.

Some useful features below.

Make high-quality calls over Wi-Fi in areas with poor cellular coverage.
Avoid roaming fees by calling over Wi-Fi when travelling abroad.
Save your cellular minutes by calling over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.
One-touch dialling from within the app, using your address book.
Access your account right from the app to check your Vonage voicemail and set up call forwarding.



Asus T100 64GB Windows Tablet

Planning to get ASUS T100 windows tablet from USA Amazon.

Price including tax to Texas which is going to be my route will be £250. UK market price for the 32 GB is over £250. Realised some states don’t have to pay tax if ordered from Amazon like Illinois. And tax rates are different for different states

Apparently 64GB has got a quad core Atom processor . Cheap for a full version windows tablet including keyboard.

Really looking forward to get this as I don’t get to use the other tablets due to new users taking over.